Overseas Management For Acadaemic Resource & Support  Canada and or Lebanon offer high qualifications and the top-class teaching and Training.  Our teachers have been at the forefront of operational best practices for years, both in the study abroad field, higher education in general and risk and operational management and with our world-leading blend of supported open and innovative course materials you’ll get an exceptional learning experience for most courses you don't need any previous qualifications

Omars Courses

We design and operate innovative up to university-level study abroad programs, for students and professionals from across the world, have served on the standard setting bodies in study abroad, helping design the principles of best practices that will guide the leading study abroad firms over the next decade.

We care about increased access to and diversity in study abroad and work closely with our affiliates and partners in the study abroad offices of home universities to support these objectives.

We bring this approach to all our programs and implement good practices relating to:

  • English Language 
  • TESOL Certificate 
  • Risk Managment
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Health and safety
  • Student preparedness
  • Learning objectives and intercultural competencies
  • Support for diversity
  • Ability to execute highly complex co-curricular travel experiences
  • General quality of the student experience (housing, travel, organization)
  • Overall professionalism