Our Mission For The Teachers    

Our Mission is to provide teachers in general and TESOL certified inparticular with all the tools, information and support they need to perform the best that they can and get the most possible enjoyment out of their experience in the Middle East.
We accomplish this goal by:

  • Laying the entire hiring process out from A to Z and helping our teachers through it step-by-step so they are comfortable and know what is going on at all times.
  • Preparing our teachers before they arrive to the Middle East for the cultural, lifestyle and work-related differences they will experience.
  • Remaining available to our teachers throughout their entire contract for guidance and support so that they never feel that they are on their own.

We have learned from experience that teachers who are properly prepared for what to expect before they come and who have someone they can trust and rely on throughout their stay in the Middle East not only perform their jobs more effectively but are so much happier and able to enjoy their experiences in the Middle east so much more.
  As well as we provide Aircrew, operation personnal and Ground Engeneers

OMARS is a General Placement company operating out of Toronto Canada. We have extensive experience in the Educational field, we fully understand the needs and concerns of teachers coming to a foreign country to work and live. We strive, through dedication, hard work and genuine care for our teachers, to ensure that they are fully prepared for what to expect here, both in terms of the culture and lifestyle of the Country of employment and in terms of contracts and working conditions. Because of our integrity, commitment to our teachers and our extensive first-hand experience in this industry, OMARS has quickly become well known and highly respected for the professionalism and genuine care with which we place every teacher.  

Our Mission For The Employers

Our mission is to provide client employers with qualified instructors who match their specific needs and to ensure that the entire hiring process is completed in an organized and efficient manner.
We accomplish this goal by:

Screening all applicants and presenting our client employers with only those who are energetic, open-minded and meet pre-specified educational and teaching experience requirements.

Assisting our client employers in all aspects of the hiring process including interviews, work visa applications, flight arrangements, airport pickup and post-arrival counseling.
Putting our reputation behind every teacher we provide by guaranteeing our client employers complete satisfaction.

We value the reputation and success of our client employers as much as our own and endeavor to select teachers of only the highest caliber and moral character. Our vast experience over the years helps to ensure that the entire hiring process is completed in a timely, efficient and professional manner, enabling our clients to concentrate on what is most important...their business.