What We Do
OMARS provides training and recruitment services designed to meet the needs of the aviation industry
Omars offer high qualifications and the top-class teaching and Training
Omars Film & Television Production program delivers all you need to know to take an idea to the big screen and begin an exciting career in the entertainment industry
OMARS is a general recruiting company operating out of Toronto Canada.
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Omars inc is a Canadian firm based in Toronto with joint venture partners in the Gulf, Libya, Africa, and the Middle East area, specializes in Educational, commercial, Audio video filming and Aviation consulting business, conducting internal serach  market assessment, collecting supplier information, develop outsourcing strategy, policy, employment , negotiate, select Suppliers, implement requirements and  Recommendations. The most efficient and effective way to manage global relationships and partnerships is to be proactive and to have a plan in the selection, development, and engagement of the outsourcing partners    
We have the ability to serve clients in every sector of the Corporate Industry and invariably build long-term relationships by learning to understand and accommodate cultural differences when working with international suppliers is critical to the success of the business relationship. Organizations are facing increased global competition, economic uncertainties, and changing markets. Technology is changing the way we conduct business and manage information. Outsourcing of significant functions within businesses and organizations is key to the landscape of supplier relations. Competing in a global marketplace has made it increasingly important to align business strategies with a risk management strategy that includes strengthening global supply chains and vendor partnerships.
Omarsinc will provide you with highly specialized and personal  in the field of Education,Aviation and Filmimg profission ,  We fully understand the complexities of business and personal issues involved in the Corporate Industry. Outsourcing of the right personnal enables companies to take advantage of reasnable costs in areas such as teachers, Aircrew and filming . By doing this, companies lower their overall cost structure, improve profit margins, and enhance product quality, reliability and distribution, thus allowing them to compete more effectively.